Welcome to the WonderWoodArt.


Where the small, and wholesalers as well as individual customer needs and satisfactory.

The harvesting wood processing through the drying and finish product preparation.

All this with the latest technology and high quality.
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We serve local contractors, architects, designers, cabinet makers, wood workers, wood carvers, construction firms as well as do it yourself customers.
YES, WE SELL TO THE PUBLIC! We design, supply and manufacture timber structures for both residential and commercial properties.

Wonderwoodart is a traditional sawmill also, we have continued to buy trees locally, often being involved from before a tree is felled, through to loading on the timber lorry, sawing it into boards and eventually drying it and preparing it for use by furniture makers, craftsmen, designers, artists, home improvers, builders and architects.

Saw stronger
Drill stronger
Cut stronger

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Fine Art Furniture symbolizes the epitome of luxury and modern lifestyle.